Thursday, July 16, 2009

These Are A Few of My Favorite Things

Granted I haven't tried every variety in the categories I am about to list, but I've decided to share some of my favorites...and not so favorites based on my experiences here in Pennyslvania.

Best overall heuchera- Green Spice
Best flowers on a heuchera- Hollywood
Best hosta- Eskimo Pie tied with Stained Glass
Best agastache- Acapulco Salmon and Pink
Best salvia- Blue Hill- A non-stop bloomer with colors that match my russian sage exactly
Best echinacea- White Swan - I have tons of different cultivars, but this is still my favorite.
Best shasta daisy- Becky; heavy bloomer on strong stems. Needs to be divided every two or three years.
Best russian sage- Blue Spire; although it does get a bit floppy despite never being fertilized. Bees love it though.

Best verbena- Red Quartz
Best salvia coccinea- Lady In Red followed closely by Coral Nymph and Yvonne's
Best coleus- Kong
Best zinnia- Will Rogers; large, bright red flowers.
Best marigold- Scarlet Starlet; I'm not much of a marigold person, but I have to admit these are nice.
Best nasturtium- Alaska- I love the variegated foliage. The red flowering ones are my favorite.

Best celery- Tango; although this is the only one I've tried, it was VERY easy in a raised bed.
Best carrots- Scarlet Nantes
Best jalapeno- Mucho Nacho; I've seen listings for a mild version under the same name. This is not that version.
Best bell pepper- Fat N' Sassy hybrid; producing like mad right now!
Best cucumber- Salad Bush hybrid. The seeds are a bit pricey, but well worth it. They have excellent disease resistance, few seeds, and taste great! I will use these as long as I can still get seeds.
Best pumpkin- Jack Be Little; tiny and cute. Easy to grow even after a vine borer split open the vine when it was young.
Best lettuce- Jericho; romaine; slow to bolt, tastes great.

Butterfly Bushes. Hands down the best. In particular Royal Red and Pink Delight.

Lavender!!! Honeybees especially seem to love all types of lavender.
Blue Spire russian sage- Mine are covered with honeybees.
Purple coneflowers- Bumblebees and carpenter bees love them.
Black Adder agastache- Bumblebees love it.
Walker's Low nepeta- Again, bumblebees love it

Verbena bonariensis- Dark lavender blooms. Wispy, see-through foliage. I love how you can still see what is planted behind it.

Sundown Echinacea- This plant survives year after year despite what looks to be a heavy covering of rust. I'll give it credit for surviving, but the foliage looks terrible up close.
William Baffin roses- I have two of these MONSTERS. Make sure you have tons of room for these beasts. Mine is about 10' x 10' and GROWING!!! I will say that they do produce like mad in the beginning of the season. Sporatic blooms after that.
Pink Fountain gaura- It doesn't seem to appeal to any type of wildlife. I never see anything living near it. Although the individual stems are pretty, that is about it can offer.

I hope you enjoy looking through my list of favorite, and not so favorite, things. Any questions, feel free to ask. Those plants that I listed as favorites are all ones that I would highly recommend. They are very easy to grow, and I have had no trouble maintaining their health without the use chemicals.

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