Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Stuffed Peppers

Two nights ago I made stuffed peppers with my homegrown Fat n' Sassy peppers. My husband said they were the best stuffed peppers that I have ever made! There is definitely a difference between homegrown peppers and store bought. Not just in price...which by the way reminds me....I was in the store today. Peppers were on sale for $1 each. The peppers alone for my dinner would have cost $8. The seed packet I bought...$3. They've already paid for themselves! Not only did starting my own plants save me money, they were also fresher, sweeter, crispier, and I knew that they weren't treated with any type of chemicals. The Fat n' Sassy's are so productive that I think we'll be having stuffed peppers quite a bit this summer. I'll also have to let at least one pepper turn to red. Green peppers always get eaten up before they get that far around here!

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