Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon---
Yesterday I was trying to train the watermelon vines back into the boundaries of the back garden when I saw something that truly made my my entire season. My very first watermelon! It's about the size of a softball. You can see it to the lower left of this photo. To the left is another picture of my little "Baby" watermelon. I've never attempted to grow any type of melon before. I just thought that for some reason they would be difficult, so I was surprised at how easy it was. Even though these are the bush form of Sugar Baby, they still need quite a bit of room. Right now they are covering around 9 square feet and growing! They appear to be disease and pest-resistant.

Minnesota Midget Muskmelon---
An open-pollinated muskmelon. Vines are compact (3-4 feet long). They produce sweet, 4" melons with orange flesh. I have one growing in a large container climbing up a wire tomato cage. They have been really easy to train. Just guide them back onto the cage if they want to spill out over the edge. They are absolutely covered in blossoms and bumblebees really love them! Foliage is clean and healthy. No pest problems.


  1. We're doing sugar baby watermelons, but they don't get near enough sun as they need and not growing well at all. I'm moving them next year. Hopefully they'll do much better. I just need to chop down that oak tree behind us. I really do.

  2. This Bush Sugar Baby is planted where we had to remove a large, diseased shrub when we bought the house. This spot gets FULL sun all day long. I almost never supplement it with water. The only exceptions were the first few days after I planted the peat pot in the ground and maybe three other times when it was really dry. The two muskmelons and this watermelon are my first attempt at melons ever, so finding this little guy made my day...if not season.