Friday, July 31, 2009

In All Their Glory

Cameo Elegance- These are her first blooms of the season which opened this morning. Variegated foliage. Fuschia blossoms with white edging and eye. Compact size, but stems are highly visible (the leaves are become smaller in size the further along the vine leaving a lot of exposed stem). Mine are currently about 24-30" long. Mid-summer to fall blooms. Although I love the tiny, variegated, ivy-shaped foliage, it is not a vigorous plant. You would have to plant these quite heavily to give them any presence in a mixed container or to fill out a container on their own.

Heavenly Blue- This morning before completely opening up to reveal their glory. Sky-blue with white throats. Vines reach approximately 8' long. They put out new blossoms daily. Healthy, clean foliage.

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