Friday, July 17, 2009

Summer Blooms

One of my new favorites this year! Scarlet Runner Beans. I received the seeds as an extra in a seed exchange this past winter, and I'm so glad I planted them. I planted just two seeds, but they are covering these two narrow trellises. In fact, one of these plants was accidentally smushed when it was young by the re-installation of the right trellis. The stem was bent completely over, but it managed to heal itself and take right back off. The foliage is very healthy. Very little insect damage. Numerous clusters of bright red blooms. This will definitely be on my grow list for next year as well.

Alaska Nasturtium Mix- The blossoms come in a variety of colors. Variegated foliage. As you can see from this photo, although the left and right plants both have matching red flowers, the plant on the left has larger leaves with less variegation. The plant on the right is heavily variegated with significantly smaller leaves.

Will Rogers Zinnia- Give this one good air circulation. Last year it developed powdery mildew during a very humid spell. So far this year's foliage is clean.

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