Thursday, July 23, 2009

Heirloom Tomatoes For 2010

You know I've been looking over catalogs trying to make a wish list for next season when it dawned on me. I have a few varieties that I didn't get a chance to plant this season. After reading up on them, I realized that I have some really good ones. I'm expanding out my garden to include 14 plants next year. Not just 10. My tentative list includes the following:

Tomatoes Returning Next Year:
Cowlick Brandywine
Black Krim
Sandul Moldovan-smooth
Constoluto Genovese
Cherokee Green

New For 2010:
Cherokee Purple (seed from a trade failed this year)
Golden Jubilee
Pink Sweet
Sun Gold
Box Car Willie
Black Seaman
Russian Rose***

Those marked with *** are up in the air. One will need to be eliminated to keep the list at 14. Others with ***'s will be replaced if I find seed for any of the following:
Orange Strawberry
Rio Grande
German Red Strawberry.

NOT Returning in 2010:
Celebrity Hybrid (Heirlooms performed just as well and the taste most likely won't come close in comparison).

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