Friday, July 17, 2009

Killarney Red Garlic

Killarney Red garlic- Beautiful, purple-tinged skin, white cloves. Very hot raw. I wish I knew that before I tasted it. :) This one was pulled out about a week ago. Last night was the first time I cooked with my very own homegrown garlic. It made a great addition to my lasagne.


  1. Kim, your garlic is beautiful! I planted Elephant garlic in September, I can't wait for the harvest. I'm excited about it... I'm in NC. I think my Garlic will be ready by May..When did you plant your garlic for it to be ready in July?

  2. Here in PA I plant my garlic around October 15th. It starts to develop roots, and I usually see about 4 inches of growth before winter hits. When the temps warm up in the Spring it takes off again. I harvest it in July...or whenever only 4-6 scapes are still green.