Friday, July 31, 2009

Aphids Beware!

Raising beneficials! My son and I had great success raising butterflies, so I purchased him the Ladybug Land Kit also by Insect Lore. You can see a larvae on the paper and on the wall of the dome. We've only had them about a week and just yesterday they started hanging on the sides of the dome (the beginning of their pupal stage). In about 5 days we should have some beneficial ladybugs to release into our garden!


  1. Very cool! I thought those lady bug larvae were dangerous creatures before I learned what they were. It's so cool to watch them go through all of their stages.

  2. I agree. Right now they are all hanging from the sides of the dome. Any day now we should have beautiful little ladybugs. I should get out in the garden to see if I can find locations with clusters of aphids. The ladybugs will probably want a nice location to be released so they can find some dinner. Overall this has been a really fun activity for my 4 year old. Now he loves to try and say the word metamorphasis.