Tuesday, June 2, 2009

William Baffin Rose

Two years ago I purchased two William Baffin roses from Jungseed. Last year I had tried to trellis them along the back hedge. Notice how I used the word tried. Take a look at these thorns. Instead I decided to just let them loose this year. They are beautiful, thorny monsters. They are currently in the midst of their large spring flush. It's absolutely gorgeous! I wouldn't place this rose where someone might brush up against its canes, but it sure is a showstopper for a garden.

Since the canes are long, yet unrestrained, they shoot out like fireworks. Bright pink fireworks. The canes are approximately 10 feet long. They rise up from the roots about 5 feet, but the are so floriforous that the arch over and just touch the ground with the other five feet of canes. I know this rose is a climber. I've seen some amazing pictures of it trellised (that's why I bought it), but it is spectacular left to its own devices...luckily. I barely did any pruning of it this Spring. It is an extremely hardy rose, so there were no dead or damaged canes. Disease and pests haven't been an issue with this rose either.

The picture to the upper right is of one of the William Baffin roses next to a Pink Knockout rose (on the left). They blend almost seamlessly. You can't tell when one ends and the other begins. Other than a slight shade difference in the color of the foliage, the blooms are remarkably similar in form and color.
The photo on the left is a closeup of the Pink Knockout blooms on the left and William Baffin blooms on the right.

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