Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Asclepias tuberosa

I started this asclepias tuberosa from seed last year. It's finally in bloom, but the butterflies don't seem to be as numerous as they were in past seasons. We have had a ridiculous amount of rain in the last few weeks, so I'm hoping that with this warm, dry stretch of weather that they will be returning soon. I have started more of these plants in peat pots. I'm hoping to entice some monarchs to hang around in my yard for a while and lay some eggs on the plants.


  1. First, What a beautiful plant! are they as yellow as they look in the photo? Most are orange - yellow is rare.

    Second, I would like to invite you and your viewers to the Spring Township Garden Club meeting on Wed. July 1st @ 6:30pm. We are meeting this month at SugarBush Nursery, where the owner will be giving a talk about Native Plants (like your Asclepis)and the advantages of using them in your landscape. The nursery is located on Rt 10 (4272 Morgantown Rd, Mohnton) - please come!

  2. Alan,
    The coloration of the photo is a bit off. It does have orange blossoms, but either way it is a beautiful plant.

    Thanks for the invitation to the garden club meeting. I'll see if I can arrange to be there!