Monday, June 29, 2009

New Heirlooms

One of my Opalka tomato plants is now producing tomatoes! As of now they all show signs of speck, but the new foliage is healthy and forming quickly. The fruit is uneffected. The Black Krim plants appears to show signs of what might be early blight near the bottom. Every couple of days a small shoot will wilt. I've been cutting them off and throwing them into the trash. Not the composter. The rest of the plant looks good, so I'm not going to pull it up. The only plant that has yet to produce is the Cherokee Green. It is just as tall as the others, and has blossoms, but no fruit. Most likely because I started the seed a few weeks later to replace the Cherokee Purple seeds that wouldn't germinate. The KBX and Constoluto Genovese tomatoes are getting pretty big. In a few weeks I might get my first ripe tomato of the season! I can't wait!!!

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