Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Square Foot Garden

This is my first year doing square foot gardening. At the end of last season I purchased three raised beds. In the fall I started many types of garlic in one bed (8 of 9 squares). I planted 9 per square foot. Also in that bed is a Mucho Nacho jalapeno pepper plant.
The middle bed has eight Fat n' Sassy bell pepper plants and one Mucho Nacho jalapeno plant.

The front bed contains Jericho and Little Gem romaine lettuce (4 per square), Simpson Elite lettuce (9 per square), Scarlet Nantes carrots (16 per square), Tango celery (4 per square), Salad Bush cucumbers (2 per square), and bunching scallions (16 per square).

Overall assessment: After a fall and winter of squirrels digging up the garlic cloves, they seem to be doing well. The beds dry out quickly so plan on watering daily. Growing your own lettuce is surprisingly easy and WAY cheaper.

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