Monday, May 23, 2011

Right now it is pouring AGAIN. While there was a bit of a break this morning, I ran out to see what was in bloom. This is what I saw. Alexander Fleming peony. It is supposed to be fragrant, but I guess the wet weather is interfering with that.
Felix Crousse
Felix Crousse up close
William Baffin climbing roses starting to open up.
Golden Zest rose. Lemon-scented! Although not with all the rain.
Jacob Kline monarda. Just added last fall. Initially there were 3 plants but one died. The two remaining are really taking off. I can see how these would get a bit pushy in the garden.
"Climbing" the wall on a trellis is Brite Eyes rose. To the left of it is a Double Knockout rose.
Brite Eyes up close.
Maynight Salvia with a Navaho blackberry flower that just opened.
The rain isn't all bad. Everything is getting pretty lush.


  1. Your Peonys are absolutely beautiful!!!

  2. Thanks. I planted all but two of them last season. My neighbor had the most beautifully scented peony that I had ever smelled. Every season it would bloom and the fragrance would waft into our yard. Last season my new neighbor cut it to the ground! Ugh. I felt sick. So I just had to have some with fragrance. I purchased two Alexander Fleming, an Edulis Superba, and I just added a Mrs. FDR a few weeks ago. All in hopes of replicating that wonderful scent of Spring in my yard.

  3. Your Bright eyes rose looks a lot like Jacobs coat rose :o)...The rain is so much more nurshing to all plants more so than when we water them..