Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rain. Rain. Go Away.

How do clouds hold all this moisture? I mean, seriously! All this rain has me a bit worried. I've noticed that my Earliglow strawberries have started to blush. It has rained non-stop for a week and doesn't look like it will stop until Sunday. These might be some pretty bland berries. :( The peonies are getting ready to open. Here's Felix Crousse. I'm hoping he'll hold out for 2 or 3 more days so he doesn't get battered by the storms.
A sole, dwarf cosmos flower. Like a mini ray of sunshine on a dreary day.
The Golden Acre cabbage is in bloom. Very pretty in person. The heaviest storms beat it down a bit. It would actually be quite ornamental planted in a group. I'm hoping to get free seed for next season.
Pink Champagne clematis.
The same clematis with the birdhouse I made. I decided that this would be a nice spot for a lucky bird family. I hope they agree and someone moves in soon!
Now I will go look at the garden through the window. Wishing that the rain will stop. Happy gardening!


  1. Don't be despondent you may need all the rain that is coming, who knows maybe a dry season is coming and your being prepared for it. :o)