Monday, May 9, 2011

I received the most lovely present ever yesterday from my son. His teacher had them make decorative baskets and gave each kid a flower to bring home. Here's my lovely, pink snapdragon.For Mother's Day my husband took the kids out for a few hours. I built these two birdhouses. I would starve if this was what I did for a living, but they should hold up for a few seasons.Red Zeppelin and Copra onions in the back right. Mixed shelling peas planted along the front edge of the bed. The first blossom arose two days ago.
Asclepias incarnata- Two shoots emerging. These were just planted in the fall. I'm getting ready for the monarchs! Oh, and ignore the weeds in the background. :)
Patriot blueberry in bloom. Much more tough than Blueray and Chandler so far.
Pink Champagne clematis


  1. What a lovely gift for Mothers Day, you will treasure this on. Your garden is growing nicely..

  2. What a nice gift! Those birdhouses are so cute!

  3. Thanks. One birdhouse turned out great. The other has a roof that doesn't quite line up. :) Oh well. I bet a wet bird won't mind. It will keep them dry...just with a bit more ventilation around the top edge on one side. So far peekers, but no takers.