Friday, January 22, 2010

Tomatoes for 2010

Below is a list of my 2010 tomato planting list. I will be planting one of each with the exception of Cherokee Green. This tomato was so delicious last season that I just have to grow two. The only tomato that I really want to grow but didn't get seeds for is Virginia Sweets. That will have to be at the top of my wish list for 2011.
*=Returns from last season

Akers West Virginia (85 days, indet., crack-resistant, 1 pound)
Amish Paste (74 days, indet., 8oz.)
Better Boy (hybrid, 75 days, indet., excellent disease resistance, 12-16 oz.)
Big Beef (hybrid, 73 days, indet., AAS winner, 10-12 oz.)
Box Car Willie (80 days, indet., crack resistant, disease resistant, 6-10 oz.)
Brandywine (Amish Heirloom since 1885, 80 days, indet., potato-leafed, large beefsteak)
*Celebrity (hybrid, 70 days, semi-determinate, crack resistant, disease resistant, AAS winner)
*Cherokee Green x2 (80 indet., regular leafed, excellent flavor- best of 2009!, ripe when green with yellow blush and slightly soft to the touch, mutation of Cherokee Purple, 6-16oz.)
*Cherokee Purple (Heirloom, 80 days, indet., disease resistant, crack resistant, 10-12 oz., new seed-last season's failed to germinate)
Isis (cherry, 67 days, indet., short trusses in double rows of 6-8 fruits each, ¾” yellow-gold, star on blossom end)
Jet Star (hybrid, 72 days, indet., compact habit, low acidity)
Kellogg’s Breakfast (Heirloom, 80 days, indet., large orange beefsteak)
Marglobe (72 days, determinate, tolerant to Fusarium Wilt)
Marion (78 days, ind. 6 oz.)
Pineapple (Heirloom, 85 days, indet., 1-2 pounds, bicolor)
Rutgers (75 days, determinate, crack resistant, 6-8 oz.)
San Marzano (paste, 80 days, indet., 3 ½ “ long)
*Sandul Moldovan (75-85 day, indet., smooth, regular leafed, excellent flavor-second place in 2009, 8-16 oz.)
Sun Gold (hybrid, 57 days, indet., cascading trusses)

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