Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let's Talk Peppers

2010 Peppers:
*- Returns from last season
Alma Paprika (hint of warmth, 80 days, great dried as paprika seasoning, 1-2”, ripen from creamy white to orange to finally red)
*Anaheim (mildly hot, medium-hot, 75 days, 24-20” tall, ripen to red)
Ancho (mildly hot, heirloom, poblano type, typically used green although will turn red, like a bell with pointed end)
California Wonder x2 (sweet bell, 75 days, 4” x 4”, 28” high)
Cayenne Long Red Slim (fiery hot, 72 days, heirloom pre-1827, 6” long, thin as a pencil, ripen to red)
Chinese Giant (sweet bell, 90 days, ripen to cherry red, 6” across and 4-5” deep)
Corno Di Toro Red (sweet non-bell, 72 days, Heirloom, 8-10” long, ripens to red)
*Fat N’ Sassy x9 (sweet bell, hybrid, 61 days, 4 ½” x 4 ½”, 22” tall, disease resistant, excellent production!, ripens to red)
Hungarian Yellow Wax (mildly hot, 67 days, 6” long by 1 ½” across, matures from light yellow to bright red, 16”-24” tall)
Mini Yellow Bell (sweet bell, 90 days, ripens to yellow, 2”, 16” tall)
*Mucho Nacho (jalapeno, a bit hotter and larger than regular jalapenos, hybrid, 68-70 days, excellent production, ripen to red, excellent yields!)

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