Friday, January 29, 2010

Seed-Starting Dates!

When my crisper drawer in my fridge starts to look like this, I know that Spring planting time is right around the corner. In fact, NEXT WEEK my first seeds will be going into my seed-starter mix. This is so exciting! I based the start dates on past experience. For example, my tomatoes were a bit too large by the time I had planted them last season. The only exception was a Cherokee Green that I started two weeks later. It was the perfect size, so I am starting tomatoes two weeks later. These experiences helped me select the best times for each crop.
If you do not already, start keeping a journal of what cultivars you plant, when you started the seed, when you set them out, and whether or not you would want to start them earlier or later next season. These notes are invaluable when it comes to setting up your own seed-starting dates for your area..
*DS - Direct Sow
*SP - Small Peat pot
*LP - Large Peat pot
4LP Asclepias Tuberosa
2SP Basil, Red Rubin
2LP Celery, Tango: Paper towel to germinate, seed needs light, cover lightly with soil
4LP Lavender, Ellagance
FEBRUARY 12 --- Pepper Time!
1LP Alma Paprika
1LP Anaheim
1LP Ancho
2LP California Wonder
1LP Cayenne Long Red Slim
1LP Chinese Giant
1LP Corno Di Toro
9LP Fat N’ Sassy
1LP Hungarian Yellow Wax
1LP Mini Yellow Bell
1LP Mucho Nacho Jalapeno
2LP Celery, Tango: Paper towel to germinate, seed needs light, cover lightly with soil
2SP Salvia, Flare
2SP Salvia, Vista Red
1SP Dill, Fernleaf: Don't plant near fennel.
1SP Fennel, Florence: Don't plant near dill.
DS Peas: Green Arrow, Little Marvel, Maestro, Serge
MARCH 19 --- Tomato Time!...Leave Room to Build Up in Peat Pots (Fill pots only half way to start...Once the tomatoes are growing beyond the upper edge of the peat, fill remainder of pot with soil. Be sure to remove leaves that are below the peat pot edge. Roots will form along newly covered stem. This worked great last season!)
1LP Aker’s West Virginia
1LP Amish Paste
1LP Better Boy
1LP Big Beef
1LP Box Car Willie
1LP Brandywine
1LP Celebrity
2LP Cherokee Green
1LP Cherokee Purple
1LP Hillbilly
1LP Isis
1LP Jet Star
1LP Kellogg’s Breakfast
1LP Pineapple
1LP Pink Sweet
1LP Rutgers
1LP San Marzano
1LP Sandul Moldovan
1LP Sun Gold
5LP Mexican Sunflower, Fiesta del Sol, don’t cover seed
1LP Tomatillo
DS Radishes, Cherry Belle
DS Romaine: Jericho
DS Romaine: Little Gem
12SP Nasturtium, Empress of India (dislike transplanting, they respond well to peat pots)
APRIL 16 - Don't let these guys get too big before going outside.
DS Carrots; Chantaney, Scarlet Nantes
1LP Cucumber, Picklebush
1LP Cucumber, Salad Bush
3LP Gourds, Mixed small and large types
2LP Muskmelon, Minnesota Midget
2LP Pumpkin, Baby Bear
2LP Pumpkin, Spirit
1LP Zucchini, Black Beauty
3SP Cilantro, Delfino
MAY 21
DS Beans, Blue Lake
DS Hyacinth Beans x2
DS Sunflowers, Sunspot
MAY 28
DS Corn, Serendipity
3SP Cilantro, Delfino: To replace first set later in season.

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  1. Thanks so much for this post! I just bought a home last year and am ready for a garden this summer. I bought my seeds and peat pellets but am having a very hard time determining when to start them. I live in Venango County, so I'm in zone 4-5. I'm looking to plant 3 different types of lettuce, tomatoes, and green bell peppers. I'm going to work on the assumption that now is an ok time for me to start them indoors based on what you described in this post. It was so helpful the way you broke down the times in relation to the plant! I'm not much of a math whiz and all of the other info I checked out was a bit mid boggling. So, thank you! Hope your garden is healthy and fruitful this year!