Thursday, January 28, 2010

Direct Sow

Many plants are just as easy to start directly in the ground. Here is my 2010 list of those items.
Beans: Blue Lake (pole, 64 days, stringless)
Carrots: Chantenay (heirloom, 5-7” by 2”, resists splitting and forking in tough soil); Scarlet Nantes (70 days, 7”, sweet, nearly coreless, excellent, sweet flavor)
Corn: Serendipity (bicolor, triplesweet, 82 days)
Peas: Green Arrow (70 days, 2-3’), Little Marvel (64 days, 18” vines), Maestro (61 days, 26”), Serge (68 days, semi-leafless, 26-28”)
Romaine: Jericho (55-60 days, disease resistant, tolerates heat, slow to bolt); Little Gem (33 days, 4-6” tall, slow to bolt)
Sunflowers: Sunspot (80 days, 2’ tall, 10” heads, good source of seeds for birds)

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