Thursday, August 6, 2009

Square Foot Gardens

I have three 3' x 3' raised beds that are new to my garden this season.
Bed #1 Contains the Following:
Alaska Peas
Sugar Snap Peas
Burpeeana Peas
Citadel Peas
Mr. Big Peas
Sandul Moldovan tomato from a cutting (back, right corner)
Mucho Nacho jalapeno (left, middle)
Bed #2 Contains the Following:
8 Fat n' Sassy Bell Peppers
1 Mucho Nacho jalapeno pepper (front, right)

Bed #3 Contains the Following:
Middle Square- currently empty (Jericho and Little Gem romaine lettuce is being started indoors for the square)

Clockwise starting in back, left:
Salad Bush cucumbers reluctantly climbing up tomato trellis
Black Krim cutting
Recently planted Cherry Belle radishes
Evergreen White Bunching Onions
1 Tango Celery and Scarlet Nantes carrots (freshly planted)
1 Tango Celery (leaving it bolt) and Chantenay carrots (freshly planted)
4 Tango Celery (freshly planted)
1 Tango Celery (freshly planted); 2 romaine lettuce left to bolt.


  1. Looks good, especially compared to my baked, boiled, and fried S. Tx garden

  2. I haven't had to deal with that here in Pennsylvania. I have had to deal with record-breaking rains and high humidity. If only we could share our weather. A little heat here. A little rain there. Now trade!