Monday, August 10, 2009

Shade Lovers: Hosta and Heuchera

Eskimo Pie Hosta- I absolutely love hosta that are primarily white streaked with different shades of green. This hosta fit the bill. I purchased this plant last fall from Jung Seed. It is a sloooooooow grower. This is what it looks like as of this month. But don't be mistaken. It's variegation is gorgeous. Streaked with both dark and apple shades of green. No signs of pest or disease issues.

Green Spice Heuchera- This heuchera ranks in the top three out of the dozen or so varieties I have. It is silver with purple veins and a dark green edging. Definitely an attention-getter. No signs of pest or disease issues.

Guacamole Hosta- Another stunning hosta. Among the dozen hosta plants I have this is easily in the top three. Chartreuse-gold foliage stands out in the shade. Its leaves are large and healthy. No pest or disease issues. I've read that it has white, fragrant flowers, but I have yet to see this newly planted hosta in bloom.

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