Monday, August 10, 2009

Butterflies and Blooms

Monarch on a Pink Delight Butterfly Bush- Pink Delight has been by far the most enticing for butterflies and bumblebees. Out of the four different varieties I have, the Pink Delights always have the most activity.

Deep Orange Gerbera Daisy- I love the look of gerbera daisies. I purchased three different colors this season. Unfortunately they only put out 1-3 blooms at a time. Although those blooms are beautiful, they aren't enough to convince me to grow them again next season. Seems to prefer to have its soil more on the dry side.

Pink Champagne Clematis- This clematis was added at the end of last season. It has blessed me with a few blooms early in the season and is again putting out a few more. Although one of the vines has been hit with what appears to be clematis wilt, the other vines are doing well on this plant. Blooms are around 3 inches wide and have fuschia and rose coloring.

Burgundy Silk Gaillardia- Part of the new Sunburst series. The blooms are pretty, but they are very weak stemmed. Blooming power isn't as good as other gaillardia varieties. Prefers well-drained soil in a sunny location.

African Sunset Black-Eyed Susan Vine- Lovely vine with warm coloring. Produces heavily. Seems to prefer its container soil to be more on the dry side.

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