Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rain. Rain. Go Away...

Wait. Did someone forget to tell Mother Nature that it is SUMMER. Not Spring. It's been POURING since 3 this morning. Cracking has been a big problem with my tomatoes so far this season, and all this rain isn't helping!


  1. We've had rain each day for a week and a half. It's welcomed, but things need to dry out a bit.

  2. We've had more rain this summer than I can ever remember. I love that I don't have to water the gardens, but it's really having an impact on the tomatoes. They are cracking left and right. They even taste watered down. I've resorted to picking them early so they don't burst. Today should be a dry, less humid day. A nice change of pace. I'll be doing more research on tomato varieties that are more crack resistant for next season. Have you (or anyone else) ever grown Thessaloniki or Delicious? They're listed as crack resistant in many catalogs. Any other suggestions are welcome as well.