Monday, May 21, 2012

 Lincoln Peas in bloom.
 Earliglow strawberries are still producing well.
The death of Lady Emma Hamilton.  Clearly not as lush as last season.  Also, despite the relatively dry weather, she is covered in black spot.

 Looking behind the rose, clear evidence of Rose Rosette Disease (RRD).  Heavily infected with this virus.  :(
 An up-close view of the excessive thorniness and red hue.
 When cut, the canes are noticeably soft.  She was "shovel-pruned" and secured in a plastic bag this afternoon for disposal.
 Her gorgeous final blooms and buds were removed.
They now adorn my bathroom window so I can smell their delightfully sweet fragrance one last time.  She will be missed.

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  1. Very sorry for the loss of your beautiful Lady Emma. She's a favorite of mine as well. At least your strawberries are magnificent!