Sunday, May 13, 2012

 Pretty combination.  Double Knockout rose, Maynight Salvia, daylily, and heuchera.
 A surprise volunteer.  I haven't grown coreopsis in two years.  I used to grow Tequila Sunrise.  A lovely dwarf variety with variegated foliage.  It only survived about 3 years.  Two years later...surprise.  What a fun plant to pop up in the crack between the house and sidewalk.
 My dwarf Alberta spruce has had issues since I planted it last summer.  Lots of browning along the bottom and huge sections died off.  Since we had such a severe drought last season, I figured that I must not have been supplementing it enough with moisture.  Turns out, mites are most likely the continuing problem.  Check out all the webbing.  Ugh.
 Guacamole hosta shaded with pink and white azaleas.
 My Golden Delicious apple tree had some funky leaves.  I peeked inside to find lots of ants and aphids.  Yum.
 After unrolling the leaf, here's what was inside.  Where are the ladybugs when you need them?
 Felix Crousse peony with my new birdhouse in the far back (left side).  We just put the birdhouse up today.  I can't wait to see if we get some curious renters.
 Fat N Sassy peppers are loving the heat today.  The Kennebec potatoes are doing well in their containers.  I will have to fill them up the rest of the way with soil now that they are tall enough.
 Reliance grapes are starting to form.
 The entire vine.  Now I only hope I can keep the birds away from them this season.  They ate EVERY grape OVERNIGHT last season.  EVERY GRAPE!
 Ville de Lyon clematis gracing the porch.
 Navaho blackberries are blooming their hearts out.
 Raspberries are already in bloom!
Double Knockout Rose.

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