Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I went away on vacation last week. Unfortunately, the onions didn't enjoy themselves as much as I did. After a week without water in yet another intense heatwave the foliage had begun to wilt and flop over. The bulbs were forming quite until now. I watered them well on Saturday upon my arrival, but it looks like harvest time is quickly approaching despite my efforts. The onions partially shaded by my pumpkin plant are still doing very well.
Copra and Red Zeppelin onions along with Salad Bush hybrid cucumbers harvested Sunday.Music garlic harvested Sunday. Portion of the border around the house:
Becky shasta daisies, dwarf barberry, Rosy Returns daylilies, mums, Navajo blackberry behind the coneflowers.Below is another portion of the house border:
Adonis Blue dwarf butterfly bush, irises (bottom front), Autumn Joy sedum (just forming buds) Lucifer crocosmia, purple coneflowers.
Another pleasant surprise I found was four Black Swallowtail cats on my Florence fennel. I planted tons of carrots in the same bed, but the fennel has always seemed to be their preference.


  1. It looks like your onions did pretty well. Onions can be quite fussy. This year is the first year that I have had big onions.

    I hope that you had a nice enjoyable and relaxing vacation!

  2. Some of them are of good size. Overall smaller than last season though. The ones in the raised bed weren't watered very often and it shows in the size. My bad. Luckily the recent watering of the limp ones has perked them up. I'm hoping for just a few more weeks of growth from them.

    As for the vacation, it was a great time with lots of family! Wonderful!