Monday, July 25, 2011

Our 5th heatwave of the season may be ending today. I believe there were 9 days in a row over 90. Some over 100. It really took a toll on the shallow-rooted blueberries. Despite supplemental watering during this time of no rain, the leaves still took a good jolt. They held up fine until I went out yesterday morning. Even the night temperatures and humidity didn't let up, and the plants couldn't fight it one more day. We still need a serious rain around here. The weathermen say there is a chance today. One thing that the heat has done is to ripen my pumpkins really fast.Okay. I know this is ready ridiculously early. They were supposed to be my Halloween jack-o-lanterns in the fall. My fault. I planted early to beat out the SVBs which get me every year. So proud of my first, almost-perfect, large pumpkin!
It does have one imperfection on the side that was on the ground. A burrowing nuisance found its way into this spot. No big deal. I'll cut it out when I go to turn this beauty into some pumpkin puree to freeze for holiday pies and muffins. Yeah. I'm so excited about my first big pumpkin ever!

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  1. You would think with all this heat and humidity we would get a good rain. We had about a 10 minute shower here yesterday. I'd do just about anything for a good rain.

    I noticed that my pumpkin at the plots is starting to ripen too.