Thursday, July 28, 2011

A portion of my Red Norland and Yukon Gold harvest. I planted about 6 to 8 seed potatoes in a 2 x 3 foot space in a raised bed. I know the drought and extreme heat this summer impacted their numbers. I also found it tough to find the time to water as often as they needed. Even still, the ones we did get looked very healthy and colorful. Next season I am going back to growing them in 3 gallon containers like last season. My containers get much more regular watering than anything in the ground. They did really well last season. Even still, these will taste great in the slow cooker tomorrow night with a roast. Doesn't everything taste better when it was grown in your own garden?


  1. Nothing that I know of taste better than "homegrown" :o) I'm waiting for my Red P. to be ready for harvest. I notice that the leaves are beginning to yellow and fall :o)

  2. It shouldn't be long now! I ate one of the baby potatoes raw. So good. It reminded me of the tasty potatoes that my grandmother used to have. She would cut them up and make us french fries every time we would visit. Store bought truly don't have the same flavor.