Friday, April 9, 2010

Tulip Creations

Perhaps the most unique specimen in the garden is this bright red tulip with two yellow petals. It keeps returning every year. Planted by a former owner that was a gardener.
A side view of this tulip.
Although I have planted more bulbs than I could count since we bought this house, it is some of the previous plantings that provide quite a bit of joy. Here are some tulips planted by a previous owner (a gardener as well).
A great piece of advice for anyone that just purchased a home, wait one full season before you do any major renovation of garden beds. My new neighbors didn't, and two stunning peonies were lost in the process. My yard was overrun by weeds over a foot tall when we first purchased it. It wasn't until Spring when the yard exploded. At least one hundred bulbs must have been planted and neglected under all the weeds. A short time later irises bloomed. Daylilies popped up. These easily could have been lost with a major renovation. Not only did these end up being free plants, but they have shown that they could overcome very poor conditions and high competition from the weeds.

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