Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Champagne anyone?

After two days of heavy rain (around 2 inches) my Pink Champagne clematis has begun to open her blossoms. This was purchased at Lowes on clearance a season or two ago. What a beauty she turned out to be.


  1. THAT'S what they're called! I used to drive by a house with a mailbox covered in them, and now a fence. They're so gorgeous!!! About how long will the flowers bloom?

  2. With this variety it was listed as a mid-May to June bloom with an August-September rebloom. We've had really warm temperatures lately, so I'm not surprised to see it blooming so early.

    I also have a Nelly Moser and Ville de Lyon clematis that were planted at the same time. I'm still waiting on them to bloom for the first time in my garden.

    Plant catalogs selling pre-planned mailbox gardens typically have a clematis in their design. I can see why. They are quite pretty and have held up extremely well with the heavy rains. All petals are surprisingly intact. Don't be fooled by their delicate appearance.