Friday, April 23, 2010

Peony Buds

At the end of last season I added two Immaculee peonies (The ants seem to be enjoying one of them in the picture above). The first I bought at Lowes. Full price. The second I purchased on sale at the grocery store. There was no tag, so I figured I'd take my chance on a mystery peony of unknown color. It was priced low enough that I would take my chances. How exciting! Hopefully I'd get one that was a different color than the white one I already had. Turns out that when I went to plant the peony, I flipped the container and it had a sticker that stated, "Immaculee". A few weeks ago I added an Edulis Superba. I hear these are quite fragrant. Pink. I wanted a variety that reminded me of the large, double peonies that I had as a kid. Very fragrant. Beautiful in containers. I may have found such a peony. Since it was only planted a few weeks ago, I don't expect to see any blooms this year. The anticipation is still fun.


  1. Oh, I can't wait to see them open! Peonies are close to the top of my favorite flower list. I've always been told that they need ants to fully open, so it's good that they're hanging around the blossom (if what I've been told is true of course).

  2. If that's true, then these blooms will be open wide this season!

    Peonies have quickly become a favorite for me as well. Followed closely by roses and daylilies....and salvia....and lilacs...

  3. I am starting to love Peonies also. I Purchased a 4 acre property that has not been cared for in years. I discovered some growing with one very large pink bloom at the back of the 4 acres covered in weeds and vines.

  4. Audy, 4 acres! I'm so jealous. I have less than 1/4 acre. You peonies sound like a great find! That's how I got some of my plants. They were absolutely buried among weeds. I knew I had to keep them, because if they could endure that they could handle just about anything.