Monday, April 6, 2009

State of the Seedling Address

With warmer days just around the corner a majority of my flower, herb, and vegetable seeds have been started. In a few more weeks the remainder of seeds will be started. Delicious muskmelon (Minnesota Midget and Iroquois), Bush Sugar Baby watermelon, and Jack-Be-Little pumpkin seeds are waiting for their turn to shine.

Here is a copy of what seeds I have started and when. The abbreviations mean the following:
SP: Small Peat pot ~2 inches
LP: Large Peat pot ~3 inches
PT: Paper Towel - For some seeds I used the paper towel method I described in an earlier post.
*** All others were started in 72 cell trays with a seed starting mix.

FEB. 6, 2009
4 Gloriosa Daisy PT
16 Moss Curled Parsley PT; 3/14 all were moved to LP
6 Verbena bonariensis Top sown again 2/19/09, resown heavily 3/16
3 Husker’s Red Penstemon PT; Surface Sow
7 Quartz Mix Verbena Just cover; only 2 up, resown 5 on 2/26 in PT
8 LP Tango Celery Soak overnight; plant shallowly, needs light

FEB. 12
2 LP Mucho Nacho Jalapeno
8 LP Fat n’ Sassy Peppers
2 LP Anaheim Chili Pepper Received and planted 3/21
1 LP Jalapeno M Jalapeno Pepper (Planted 3/3) Germinated 3/21

8 Butterfly Mix Pentas Do NOT cover pelleted seed!
4 Delfino Cilantro

FEB. 24
5 Little Gem Romaine Lettuce
4 Jericho Romaine Lettuce
1 LP Celebrity FILL LP's ONLY 1/2 WAY
1 LP Cherokee Purple (Replant 3/6 and 4 on 3/9) Bad seed?
1 LP Cowlick's Brandywine
3 LP Opalka
1 LP Constoluto Genovese
1 LP Sandul Moldovan (Started Feb. 26)
1 LP Gold Nugget Tomato (Started Feb. 19)
1 LP Green Cherokee (Started 3/14)

11 Scarlet Starlet Marigold (wait for April 5 next season. Moved to LP 4/5.)
8 Salvia Mix (Lady In Red, Coral Nymph, Yvonne’s, Dill); Heavily resown 3/22
7 Strawberry Fields Gomphrena; PT, cover lightly
1 Helen Mount Viola
1 Mosaic Kong Coleus (Planted 3/5)
1 Sun Mix Coleus (Planted 3/5)
1 Giant Exhibition Coleus (3/5)
2 Onion Chives (Planted 3/12)
1 Red Rubin Basil (Planted 3/16)
4 Simpson Elite Lettuce (Planted 3/20)
18 ‘Evergreen’ Long White Bunching Scallions (Onions) (Planted 3/22)
D. Sow ‘Cherry Belle’ Radishes (Planted 3/28)

April 5
12 SP Queen Mix Cleome
4 Thumbelina Zinnia
10 SP Will Rogers Zinnia
7 SP Alaska Nasturtium
2 LP Black-Eyed Susan Superstar Orange Vine
1 LP Mexican Sunflower ‘Torch’
1 Fernleaf Dill
Pkt. Burpeeana Early Peas (First planting 3/25)
Pkt. Sugar Snap Peas (First planting 3/25)

APRIL 28...The final round
2 LP Cameo Elegance Morning Glory (For container with Thumbelina and B-E Susan Vine)
4 LP Scarlet O’Hara Morning Glory (S) Notch or 24 hour soak morning glories
2 LP Clarke’s Heavenly Blue Morning Glory
2 LP Scarlet Runner Bean
2 LP Jack Be Little Pumpkin
2 LP Salad Bush Hybrid Cucumber
2 LP Bush Sugar Baby Watermelon
3 LP Minnesota Midget Muskmelon
2 LP Iroquois Melon

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