Monday, April 6, 2009

Flower, Herb, and Vegetable Starts

Here are some of the plants that I have started this season.

Moss Curled parsley is in the back right in 3" peats, 3 Gloriosa Daisies in the back left, more Scarlet Starlet marigolds in the front right, impatiens (red and pink from fall cuttings) in the front left. The newly planted areas loosely covered with plastic wrap are 2" peats of Alaska nasturtium and Queen cleome.

The shorter plants are of my Fat 'N Sassy Peppers, Jalapeno M Pepper, and Anaheim Chili Peppers. The taller plants are my heirloom tomatoes and one Celebrity hybrid. The heirlooms are Opalka (3 of them), Constoluto Genovese, Gold Nugget, Cherokee Green, Cherokee Purple, KBX, Sandul Moldovan, Cowlick's Brandywine, and Black Krim.

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