Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Helpful Garden Tips

Did you ever lose track of what seeds you have planted in your cell trays? If you have kids you may know what I mean. :) There's an easy was of keeping track without needing scrap paper or plant markers. Sharpie makes metallic permanent markers. List what is in each cell on the side of the tray. I have an example below.

If you are looking for an inexpensive way to make plant markers you're in luck. Take an old plastic milk carton. Cut it in across the center. Cut out vertical rectangles each time you need a new marker.

Parsley. Notoriously slow germinator....unless you try this. Dampen a paper towel. Place a layer of seeds on it. Fold it up, place in an unsealed Ziploc in a windowsill. In just a few days your seeds will start to germinate. Once you see signs of life take each individual seed and place it in its new home. If you forgot to check on your seeds and the new growth has started to imbed itself into the paper towel just cut out that section and keep the paper towel attached. It will decompose. Cover your newly germinated seeds with a fine layer of seed starter mix and water with a spray bottle. You'll have plenty of parsley for you and the black swallowtails in no time. Here's my parsley that was planted on February 6th. This technique is great for all kinds of difficult to germinate seeds and the really tiny ones!

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