Friday, August 13, 2010

Summer Cabbage

I few months ago I planted one early-season, heirloom Golden Acre cabbage plant. The seed purchase was an impulse buy. One of those 20 cent packets sold at Walmart. Knowing that I should have planted it in early Spring....not late Spring....I didn't expect much. It was more of just an experiment. Turns out that this cabbage did incredibly well in the high heat, humidity, and long periods of drought. Not sure how, but I'm amazed. I can only imagine how well it would have done if I watered it more. This was my first attempt at growing cabbage, and I will definitely be growing it again next season. This is going to make a nice side of sweet and sour cabbage for lunch tomorrow!


  1. I love those impulse buys, because it sometimes turns out so great!!

  2. This was one of those moments. I'm glad I took a chance on it and shelled out the 20 cents. :) Where else can you get a head of cabbage for that price?