Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Beauties and the Uglies

I had yet another fun discovery last night. As I was checking on my new friend before going to bed I noticed something interesting on the fennel. A swallowtail egg! This morning the kids and I went out and bought a 10 gallon fish tank and reptile cover for them. The kids found sticks and we placed the fennel plant with the egg and cat on it within their temporary me.Here is a better picture of the little guy. He is significantly larger than when I went to bed last night. That's pretty cool.
The monster gourd that has traveled over 30 feet up and partially down my American Holly has started developing quite a few gourds with some interesting mottling. Anyone know what kind of gourds these are? There are two in this picture. One on the bottom left and one on the upper right.
Squash Vine Borers! Hate them! Slowly they have been burrowing their way into the vines.
This is probably the only thing in my garden that I've been impatiently waiting to get ugly. My Russet Burbank potatoes. I might be digging these up this weekend. They are finally dying back. I'm not expecting a great yield though. I've been bad about watering them during the dry, hot summer.
My three Salad Bush cucumbers plants. The leaves and newest cukes are starting to turn yellow. I can't complain though. They produced an excellent harvest!
Hot and dry summers are not a friend to corn. Here is what I've been finding lately. Extremely poorly pollinated corn. I tried to hand pollinate, but I couldn't collect any pollen. The multiple heat waves were too much for them. Only the first couple of years turned out well...those that pollinated before the extreme weather hit. Next season I'll be planting an early variety of corn instead. I'm thinking a Mirai or other synergistic variety. Any suggestions on an early sweet corn?

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