Sunday, August 8, 2010

Onions and Today's Harvest

My first Kellogg's Breakfast tomato. Sliced and made into a delicious, simple tomato sandwich. My impression: It's good with mayo and a tad of salt. I wouldn't care for it as much plain. The flavor is much too mild. I like mine more sweet with a bit of tartness. This was the first one I have ever tasted so perhaps the next ones will be a bit more flavorful. These are up in the air in regards to returning next season. They have some huge positives though: disease resistant, large, no cracking, and high yields. Okay, I convinced myself. They'll be back. Today I picked 2 Salad Bush cucumbers. Each over a pound. My daughter devoured tons of cherry tomatoes. I've never seen a 2 year old eat so much of one thing at a time. She loves, orange, still green. She doesn't discriminate. Right now the Sun Golds and Isis Candy ones are ripe. The Sun Golds are by far the better of the two. The Isis Candy are much too bland. They won't be back next season. Instead I will be adding another Sun Gold or two to keep up with my daughters appetite.
I also let the kids dig up two of my Russet Burbank potato plants that had died back in the raised beds. The Russet Burbanks in the ground are still going pretty strong. The yield was good, but I know it would have been much better if I watered on a regular basis. Especially since it is so hot, humid, and we never seem to get any rain.
We also harvested the last of the onions. I should have held out a few weeks ago with part one of the harvest. I rushed it. These are significantly larger. I'm still learnin'.


  1. No cracking and disease resistant! Definitely a keeper. We've been plagued with BER and cracking on our tomatoes this summer. A real bummer. That's great that your daughter likes tomatoes! Awesome.

  2. We had two days here a few weeks ago where inches and inches of rain fell. The next day I had tons of large tomatoes crack. Since then the others have been fine, but we haven't had any big rains since then...or many small ones. I'm pretty happy with KB so far.

  3. Can you squeeze in butternut squash next year? I have a new recipe that you and the kids will definitely like. It is a sweet soup with a little parm. cheese on top. mmm I'll make it for you next time I am in town.

  4. I do like sweet stuff. Rather than plant squash that most likely won't survive the squash vine borers, I'll buy one at the store for you to use. ;)