Saturday, October 24, 2009

Square Foot Garden Beds

Clockwise starting in the back left:
Scarlet Nantes Carrots- These produced exceptionally well in my SFG. I harvested, blanched, and froze many of them this season. They will surely be back next season.
White Bunching Onions- I haven't used them. Not quite sure which parts to eat, but it is growing well.
Tango Celery. I wanted to see if it would produce seed before winter. These weren't harvested on time and became hard and bitter. My mistake. They were ready when I wasn't. I planted another five plants...four in the front right, one in the front, middle. These might get to harvestable size before we get frost. Fingers crossed.
'Black Krim' Tomato and 'Salad Bush' Cucumbers. These were pulled from the empty squares. The tomatoes did remarkably well until they were hit with a suspected late blight. The bush cucumbers refused to grow vertically on their cage. Next year they will be back in the ground with a little room to roam.'Little Gem' and 'Jericho' Romaine Lettuce
These were grown from seeds from plants that I allowed to bolt this summer. After collecting seed to save for the winter I shook the plants with some remaining seeds over this bed. It worked well...very well. I didn't expect such good results.


  1. What a surprise to see how well the lettuce grew from the scattered seed! That would certainly be worth trying. I had a few volunteer carrots that seeded themselves, and I was surprised at how strong and healthy they were compared to the earlier hand seeded ones.

  2. It sure was easy. I think this would be great for cutting lettuces as well. The spacing is obviously a bit tight for romaine, but it sure does produce a lot of salads. I'll have to try this with carrots as well if any ever go to seed.