Thursday, October 22, 2009

Boy Are My Arms Tired!

Boy are my arms tired. I just raked and shredded all the leaves I could collect before the leaf truck came down the street to clean them up. They will be my mulch for the winter months.

I also moved my Golden Zest rose to the front of the house where it won't get completely shaded out my my butterfly bushes in the back. Despite being completely shaded under those bushes for the last month or so, the rose foliage is perfect. It's not as lush and vigorous as it could be, but this rose sure packs some disease resistance.

Now that winter is approaching I get out in the garden as much as possible. I have been pulling weeds so they can't get a foothold over the cooler months. I planted the last of my garlic. I hoped to have some left to share with friends, but I didn't keep very good track of my supplies. Most was used for recipes over the last few months. Whoops. I have completely pulled all of my tomatoes and stored the cages. My peppers are just refusing to quit. We haven't had frost yet, so the baby peppers that I thought wouldn't have a chance are big enough to harvest now if frost is in the forecast. They won't get a chance to turn red, but I like the flavor of them green just as much. What else have I been doing? Planting perennials that have been sitting in the containers I purchased them in. I didn't want to plant them in the heat of the summer. I'm only now getting around to it. I brought in some plants to overwinter. Took cutting from my lantana and impatiens. I've composted most of my annuals from containers. Collected flower seeds for next season. I don't get much time to spend in the garden, but I make the most of it when I do.

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