Saturday, April 30, 2011

When the Lowes Garden Center employees recognize you, perhaps you visit too much. :) Hey! Wait a minute! I resemble that remark! For instance, yesterday I went back there to pick up this Kiwi Gold raspberry plant since my Fall Gold didn't make it through the winter. I also saw some hardy Arctic kiwis, but decided against spending $10 each on plants I've never grown or researched before. All I knew was that you need a male and female for pollination.I then drove over to the store to buy groceries. The entire time all I could think about was where can I could put two kiwis in my yard? How will I support the vines? Will they taste like regular kiwis? What will the hubby say when there is one more obstacle to mow around? So I drove home. Groceries in the back....and two hardy kiwis next to me in my car. Here is Meader, the male. The female, Anna, is planted about ten feet away and looks the same.This morning I went out and pruned it down to one central leader. I'll keep training it up to the top of the trellis which is about 5 feet high.
I went to a local orchard last summer that was growing these on high wires.
I was intrigued.
Then a few weeks ago a family member said she had planted several hardy kiwis.
I was
I think my mind was made up before I even left Lowes the first time.
I was
coming home with two hardy kiwis!
Important facts about hardy kiwis:
1. They need super strong support.
2. Don't let them twine around the trellis, because it could hurt the plant and the support once it takes off.
3. You need a male and female for pollination.
4. Spring frosts can kill your entire harvest for a season if it happens when the plants are developing their blossoms.
5. Interesting fact...Protect these from cats. I hear it's as attractive as catnip!


  1. I am so glad to hear that you got some after all!! Mine are doing really well so far this year! We were really worried when our trellis broke the second time. Didn't think we would be able to keep them, but they are all growing and have tons of leaves! I haven't pruned mine yet. I know that I should, but I like all of the foliage.

  2. I'm kind of worrying about supporting all that weight as well. I hope to keep them pretty pruned so they don't get too out of control. Although judging by how quickly it is growing already, it may be a loosing battle. They are getting noticably taller every day. Yikes. I agree that the foliage is gorgeous though.