Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Spring and My Latest Additions

Tulips in bloom.Purchased yesterday at Lowes: Two Tricolor Sedum to act as a ground cover for a large bare patch in the back. I tore of some chunks to fill in some empty spots on a steep slope out front as well.

Also purchased yesterday from Lowes: Two Little Lanterns Columbine plants. I wanted to add more natives and I know the hummingbirds will love these if they find them. The best part is that I hear they self sow!
One columbine is in the lower left. The other in the middle of the photo.
Then I went to a nearby greenhouse for seed potatoes. They weren't out yet, but I still came home with two new additions. This Homestead Purple verbena. It is showing a bit of new growth.
Plus I purchased a quart-sized Hens and Chicks. It had LOTS of babies on it, so I detached a bunch and placed them in potting mix until they get a better root system. These will help fill in my two large strawberry planters this season.
Did you add any fun plants lately?
Happy gardening!

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