Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Case of Spring Fever

I can't plant much outside right now, but that hasn't stopped me from buying some stuff.
Stars and Stripes Pentas. A variegated, red pentas. Just trying to tease the tastebuds of the hummingbirds a bit more each year.My new Meyer's Lemon from Gurneys.
I recently visited my in-laws. While sitting outside enjoying the warmer weather, I watched dozens of birds fly in and out of their old Alberta spruce tree. Every year I find myself admiring that tree. Wishing I had one that would make the birds as happy as theirs does. I'm wishing no more! It may not be 30 years old and 8 feet tall, but it's a start. My latest addition from Lowes stands at only 2 1/2 feet tall, but I have high hopes for it.
My new succulent collection also purchased on Sunday from Lowes. These will end up in one of my large strawberry planters when it warms up outside. The soil dried out too quickly for strawberries, but the succulents will be happy there.A welcome sight after a tough winter.


  1. Your tree is absolutely beautiful, in it's beautiful shape and lovely green, Yes with the proper care she will be Magnificent and make you proud. I believe they feel the emotions around them and she feels your love ..I guarantee it...Lots of blessings

  2. Beautiful plants...I really need to order myself a Meyer Lemon Tree. You better hold on to that Spring Fever....do you believe the weather this morning????

  3. I do adore all of the things I grow. :)

    And as for this weather, winter always has to get one more word in. We lucked out here. Now it is slightly drizzling. No ice or snow...yet. Looks like the Poconos might be getting hit pretty hard though.

  4. Just up the road from you, yet my daffodils haven't opened yet! Had a layer of snow/ice on the windshield this morning when I left work this morning. I hear a little wintry mix for us later this week. My fault, I transplanted the butterfly bush yesterday LOL
    Yep..Spring fever!
    The birds will love their new roost in no time at all!