Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Reaching New Heights

One of my mixed gourd plants and a Baby Bear pumpkin are reaching for the stars. Both have climbed two-thirds of the way up one of my American Holly trees. The vines are now over 30 feet of the ground and climbing. How am I going to harvest those?
Long Storage Sampler from Dixondale Farms. Not as big as I had hoped. I still have a few in the garden of bigger size. Unfortunately we went on vacation for a week right when they were bulbing and we were experiencing a pretty good drought. I'm sure they would have done better with (1) more regular watering during the drought, (2) better soil preparation, and (3) if I left them in the ground a few weeks longer. You get what you give. I still consider my first attempt at growing onions a success...and a good learning experience.


  1. Holy mackarel! That is the tallest I've ever seen a gourd/ pumpkin grow! Wow!

  2. I'm not sure how it gets enough water to stay so healthy. You would think that it would need A LOT of water to stay perky. It's been very hot, humid, and dry around here. I know it must be special when my husband thinks it's cool. I have to keep an eye on it though. It's slowly reaching for a low-lying power line. Eek. So far none of the plants have pumpkins or gourds. I have yet to even see a female flower. I guess the male ones stand up to the heat better??? Oh well. It's still pretty cool.