Thursday, July 1, 2010

Cukes, Garlic, and Canning! Oh My!

I took a stab at canning for the first time yesterday. I made 6 pints of dill pickles. How fun! The best part was hearing the "pop" of the seal forming after taking them out of the water bath. Success.
Here are the Salad Bush cucumbers I have been flooded with. Only three plants can produce a ton of food. That's why these were turned into pickles. Freshly picked garlic from the garden. These were the ones along the edge of the raised bed, the areas which dried out the quickest, so the bulbs are on the smaller side but still taste great.


  1. Awesome! You started out with a nice easy recipe for canning which was smart. I started my experience with jams, and failed... I made bread & butter refrigerator pickles a few weeks back, and it was so easy! Wish I'd started with them...

    Isn't fresh garlic just divine?

  2. Bread and butter pickles are next on the list! I can't wait. I really like canning so far. Hopefully I'll have plenty of tomatoes to can this season too.

    As for the garlic, it's great. I'm going to try and dehydrate some and make my own garlic powder this season as well. I love learning how to do new things with my garden goodies.

  3. I can't believe your squash are so big. I live in Houston and tried to grow it this year but I didn't get a single edible squash. ALL of my vines had borers in them so I had to pull them all up.

  4. My zucchini plant died once the vine borers found it. My pumpkins and gourds are almost all dead due to borers as well. Only a couple far. My cucumbers did really well. They are now dying back though, but at least I got a great yield from the three plants.