Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Peas and Garlic

I have a combination of garlic varieties planted: Silver Rose, Chesnok Red, Killarney Red, German Extra Hardy, Music, and Spanish Roja. I just peeked out the window and saw that the scapes are already beginning to curl. This is much earlier than last season. Obviously it is because of the above average temperatures we've been having.
I decided to allow the remainder of my peas dry out to save for seed for the Fall and for next season. it's becoming too tough to keep them happy with this hot, dry weather. Overall, I've been very impressed with the Maestro, Serge, and Little Marvel peas. All have been high yielding, vigorous plants. The Green Arrow peas were a disappointment. Perhaps they would have yielded well, but germination was horrible. Only two plants came up. They were positioned right next to the high-yielding Maestro peas, so I guess it was a bad packet of seed. Oh well. I'm just glad to have found three varieties of peas that work well in my garden. In about 4 square feet of soil I grew almost 2 pounds of peas. Next season I'll plant twice that. Turns out I have a two year old that not only enjoys shelling peas, but eating them as well. She makes me proud.

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