Monday, March 22, 2010

I Need Support

The weather this weekend was perfect. Sunny. In the 70s. Gorgeous. Just right for starting the Spring chores. I built a trellis out of 1" PVC pipes, rebar, and netting. A second support was built out of the leftover PVC pipes for raspberries this season. I will be threading sturdy twine through drilled holes in the pipe to hold up the canes as they grow.
With old butterfly bush branches my son and I built supports for beans and peas to climb.

After all of that, I still had time to fix an old birdbath. It was left out one winter with a birdbath heater in it. Turns out it cracked anyway. Live and learn. It cracked right in the center of the bowl and left a sharp triangular area jutting upward. It would allow water to drain into the base and out onto the ground. Well, problem solved. I sent my hubby out for concrete. Although he came back with a more coarse mix than I had hoped for, the concrete sealed the bath. Plus it created a coarse surface for the birds to hold their footing on.


  1. I can't wait to see how beautiful the beans and peas will be on the trellises!

  2. Me too! I still have quite a few weeks until I can plant the beans, but I'm waiting impatiently.