Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Are you kidding me?!?!

I went to the grocery store yesterday. Just a handful of blueberries are 4 dollars. FOUR DOLLARS! I love blueberries, but four dollars. Ugh. Then I had a brainstorm. I need to plant my own blueberry bushes. Obviously with my small garden size I will have to choose carefully. I got out my catalogs from last season, and I've been searching online. I figure I can have one bush that maxes out (or can be pruned) to around 6' x 5'. I need a second to assist with cross pollination. That would have to be under 3' tall. Width wouldn't matter as much. I can move flowers around pretty easily. So far I am trying to decide between the following varieties:
For The Large Bush:
Chandler - large berries, good flavor; Question: How well does it produce compared to Patriot? Pounds per bush at maturity?
Patriot - good producer; Question: How does it taste?
Northland - matures early, great yield potential; Question: How tall does it get? Sources conflict by up to 3 feet!
For The Smaller Bush:
Dwarf Northblue - okay yield, only listed as getting to 2-3 feet. Question: Is it really under 3'?
Top Hat - very compact; Question: I don't expect tons of berries, but how many pounds per bush at maturity?


  1. We've had blueberry bushes growing for two years now and have yet to get a good harvest. I'm assuming the reason the berries are so expensive now is because they're out of season. We can find them cheaper here when they're in season. Look for pick-you-own places (some strawberry fields may have them). You can get a lot for less and then freeze them.

  2. We have about six large blueberry bushes in the garden spot. I don't know what types they are as they were planted by one of the previous owners. Some years they produce really well, some years they don't.

    I've also heard blueberry bushes take about 3-years to mature and produce fruit. Something to keep in mind. I agree with Ribbit, maybe stock up when they are in season.

  3. I buy them frozen for $2 a bag (organic). Mmm blueberries- that will be a great addition.