Monday, November 2, 2009


Halloween started out very rainy, but ended much drier than it began. I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years, but I'm glad I did. My vampire costume scared a few small children, so it was a great success. :) This picture doesn't do the makeup justice. In dimmer light, I even gave myself the creeps.


  1. Very cool. We didn't have any houses in the neighborhood that were really decked out. I've always wanted to be one of "those" houses, but I don't have the energy (or money) to put one together. I always year. Maybe I can get together with some of my neighbors to put one together.

  2. whoa! That doesn't even look like you.

  3. Our house didn't have too many decorations. There were ones in the neighborhood that you could probably see from space. Decorations cost too much, so we just buy one new item for the front of the house every year. We figure in a few years it'll be one of "those" houses. This year was a hanging skeleton. Last year it was a cheap set of tombstones.

    As for my costume, the makeup was one of those $2 kits. The wig was $6??? The expensive part was the dress. $20 at Walmart. I consider it an investment though since I plan on reusing for future Halloween costumes. Next year I will be a witch. I can reuse the dress and wig. I'll only have to buy the $2 makeup kit....and a hairy mole for my nose. :)