Friday, November 13, 2009

Squirrels and Birthdays

Give me a few days of rainy, cool weather, and what do I do? Daydream. I've been daydreaming about next season. What I would change. Where I will plant things. But most of all what would I like to add. This daydreaming has led me to pre-order some items for next year. First it started with strawberries. I bought some last season, but the squirrels managed to pull them out of my new strawberry pots....OVER and OVER!!! I had to resort to covering them with netting. Did that work? No. Those little buggers would still pull them out and leave them sitting inside the netting. Pure FRUSTRATION! I then moved them into our screened in porch. Did that work? No. Those little buggers found the openings by the roof and scurried their way in to those remaining, poor strawberry plants. My new plan of attack is to use flower pouches. I ordered those as well. I'll hang them from the ceiling to see if I can thwart their attacks.

Ordering the strawberry plants and pouches didn't stop my daydreaming. I was reading through old catalogs that I kept from last season. Flipping through the pages I saw different seeds that I would love to try. Making a wishlist. Then I grab another catalog. My David Austin Roses catalog. Here we go again. Picture after picture of the most beautiful roses you have ever seen. What do I go and do? I order myself three rose bushes. Do I have room for three rose bushes? No. So what does that mean? There goes some more grass. When my dear husband sees what I'm doing to the yard I just tell him that it is one less area that will need mowed.

Ordinarily I wouldn't order so much stuff. My dear husband doesn't know it yet, but he no longer has to worry about what to get me for my birthday. Although these plants won't arrive until Spring, I have to admit he has such great taste in presents!


  1. Those darn squirrels! They've started digging in my beds, but there isn't even anything in them, unless they're going for the miniscule carrot seeds... I like the idea of the flower pouch. I've seen squirrels get into squirrel-proof things with NO problem so be careful! Also, be careful not to let full sun hit the bags before the berry plants cover it completely. Since they're dark (the ones I've seen are, at least), the roots may get cooked.

  2. Momma S- Thanks for the suggestion. You're right about the bags being dark. They are dark green. I'll be sure to keep them from getting baked. That'll be the easy part. The squirrels on the other hand...