Monday, September 28, 2009


I had a chance to get out into the garden yesterday. The first time in weeks. Even though I only have a few plants I sure got another great harvest from them. Some bells were picked on the smaller side due to my inability to get as much time in the garden as I would like and the low temperatures we've been getting some nights. These are bell peppers, Anaheims, and jalapenos. In the garden I have eight bell pepper plants, four jalapenos, and couple Anaheims. I am very proud of how these turned out this season. The bells were in the square foot garden (raised bed), and they were spectacular. I planted one per square foot, and they couldn't have done better. Two of the jalapenos were also planted in a square each. Again, they thrived in the raised bed. The Anaheims and other jalapenos were planted in the ground. They yielded almost as well. Below is one of my largest peppers picked yesterday. A 14.4 ounce Fat N' Sassy bell pepper. I'm loving these peppers!


  1. Amazing!!! So much color is fantastic.

  2. Beautiful peppers! I found that the plants in both the square foot garden and the traditional garden produced about the same.

  3. Thanks Ribbit and GrafixMuse! I'm usually too impatient to wait until my bells turn red. The kids haven't given me a chance to be out in the garden much lately, so some were able to reach full ripeness. I'm planning on planting more peppers next year since this year was so successful. Most will have to be in the ground (not raised beds), so I hope you're right about production being about the same GrafixMuse.